Wirral Growth Company

Our Vision for 2020 is already delivering change for the people of Wirral. Now we’re going to step it up a gear. We’ve created a joint venture with an urban regeneration specialist. Wirral Growth Company is going to create 3,000 locals, it’s going to build thousands of homes, create new communities and commercial complexes, and transform our economy for a generation.

It’s the biggest public sector led regeneration programme in the UK, and it’s set to deliver at a new pace and scale.

Why use a JV to achieve regeneration? Because our partner has the skills, track record and resources to make things happen. It will see the returns from major development projects re-invested in communities. Help unlock the potential of Council-owned sites. Bring benefits to a range of critical areas as well as strategic vision. And it will help us realise the enormous potential of our region and its people.

Want to find out more? Check out the procurement website or read the news.

Our new management team is driven, visionary and unstoppable. It’s here to change Wirral. Bring it on.