Vision 2020

We committed to delivering 20 Pledges by 2020. We’re well on the way to doing just that. But it’s not just us – every public agency, every large employer and every voluntary organisation share our goals and are working alongside us.

Our Pledges cover a host of areas, but fall into three main categories: protecting the most vulnerable, driving economic growth and improving the local environment. Find out more, and see for yourself how we’re doing, here.

For 2018, our goals are simple. Deliver the 20 Pledges, meet our promises to our residents, and get five extra things done.

We’re going to get the basics right
: We’ve got big, complex and ambitious opportunities. We’re going to deliver on them all. That doesn’t mean we will lose focus on those things most important to our residents. This means getting the everyday services right, everyday – emptying the bins, repairing the roads, fixing the streetlights, keeping our parks and gardens and beaches in good order, tackling anti-social behaviour, and looking after our vulnerable residents.

We’re going to transform the economy
:  As exciting new developments with Wirral Growth Company emerge across the borough, construction starts on Wirral Waters, and progress is made with the Celtic Manor Golf Resort in Hoylake, it is important that local residents and businesses benefit from these developments. We’ll deliver ‘spades in the ground’ this year. That means training, apprenticeships and skills opportunities for our young people, work and jobs for residents and, where possible, local procurement of services and contracts. Renewing our relationship with the Wirral Chamber of Commerce, playing a leadership role in the Liverpool City Region and using the powers and resources of devolution to support local firms and attract new investment to Wirral, will also help deliver our pledges.

We’re going to make children’s services great
: While we have made a good start on our journey of improvement, we still have a lot of work to do. We’re going to get an improved judgement from Ofsted at the earliest opportunity. We’ve put a new management structure in place, we’ve launched a new recruitment campaign to attract the very best staff, and we’ve invested £20 million in making sure we can deliver the best for our residents and our young people.

We’re going to put Housing at the top of our agenda
:  During 2018/19 we will complete our Local Plan and submit it to the Secretary of State. Our Local Plan must identify and secure long term opportunities to meet demand for homes and employment across the borough. It should inform and be informed by the emerging plans of the Wirral Growth Company and Wirral Waters amongst others, and it should recognise the importance of protecting areas of Green Belt which contribute the most to the quality of life we enjoy in Wirral. To achieve this we will need to continue to make improvements in our planning department so we have the resources, expertise and systems to quickly deliver the new homes and developments we need.

We’re going to make Wirral THE destination for leisure and culture: Wirral has a proud history as the ‘Leisure Peninsula’. We’re making sure we can match up to that in the future, too. We’re developing a new, stronger model to deliver our fantastic leisure and cultural services.  We’ve created the biggest, most ambitious programme of cultural events ever seen in this borough – Imagine Wirral – which has already seen us welcome the Tall Ships and will soon see Wirral visited by Giants.